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At Original Software we believe that good customer service isn’t just providing fabulous products with a smile, but forging strong partnerships with our customers and working with them to ensure our solutions are a success within their businesses, generating an ROI that’s bound to make them internal heroes.

It used to take approximately 10-15 users and 2-3 days for each tester to test each release. Now we are able to accomplish this with 1 user in 1 day with TestDrive over Wynne i-Series based system. We have gone from a product release cycle of once a quarter to once a week. If we did not have TestDrive, there is no way we could get all that testing done manually within a week.

Cynthia Pangan, QA and Change Management, RSC Equipment Rental

The Original Software solution enabled the QA team of Coca-Cola Computer Services to create a wide range of automated tests and help maintain the high quality of the BASIS application used by many bottling plants around the world. The Coca-Cola team needed a solution which would enable them to build rapid and maintainable automation as well as address other aspects of the testing challenge including the database and managing test data environments, and they found this unique combination with Original Software in a partnership which has continued for over 8 years. During this time the test assets created proved especially beneficial when Coca-Cola delivered big releases that required a complete retest of the complex and business critical application. Around 130 Test Cases with about 3000 Scripts comparing 200,000 individual screens have been recorded over time and are readily available to run business process related tests in a short time. It has saved the team many hundreds of man-hours and means that BASIS can be assured to a level just not possible manually, supporting Coca-Cola’s mission of delivering quality to their business partners in a timely manner.

Gerald Weichselbraun, Quality Manager, Coca-Cola Computer Services

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we appreciate your support staff. As always – they are committed to providing excellent support to our company.

Steve Sinclair, Technical Business Analyst, Jack Henry & Associates

In terms of the perfect vendor, I’d much rather have a small contact group. It makes me feel really comfortable working with Original Software that they can answer both the business and technical questions that I might throw at them without having to go through ten people. They are driving the process as hard as I am! It’s not just a money thing – they want it to be successful for us.

Paul Cassell, Vice President of QA, NYSE Euronext

Original Software also has very good support – their analysts always come up with a solution. They take responsibility and seem to care about the problem. Original Software enables me to provide quality software to my users, who, in turn, can give continued good service to HMV customers.

Darren Houghton, QA Manager, HMV (UK)

Thank you for the quality of the support you have provided us with. This is a good and fruitful partnership.

Harold Sepulchre, Director TOPS Development, Amadeus North America Inc.

IT and the business are now more closely aligned and working as a partnership to drive the business forward. The Original Software team are very approachable, understand our needs and are knowledgeable about how to get the most out of an improved test process – it has been a good partnership.

Tim Aitkinson, CIO, Reliance Security Services
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