5 Reasons why ignoring Software Quality could be your downfall

Software failures are costing companies significant amounts of money and damage to their brand, people are losing jobs and in some cases their liberty because of avoidable software failures!

Times are tough. You know it, I know it, your competition knows it and your boss definitely knows it. With greater competition, more consumer choice and a greater dependency on technology than ever before, every organisation faces the challenge of building quality IS systems to support rapidly evolving business requirements. New applications need to get out the door quicker than ever, and you know that the new application upgrade will be hot on its heels. Time is money and IS departments are constantly looking for ways to cut down their application time to market. On average 40% of total application delivery time taken up with testing, so is it no wonder that this is an area marked out for special attention.

Why does testing take so long? Is the question often thrown at the QA department. Well it’s a highly manual process — even though some departments may use automation tools, it is still a time consuming activity. There is a skill in balancing the required resources, with time pressures, and software quality. Original Software refers to this as the Quality Conundrum, and it is something that IT management need to get to grips with. And fast.

You want better quality software? Right, well it will take more time to get right. You want the application live next week? OK, but we will either need to double the team of testers or we will only complete 75% of testing and the quality will be compromised. We don’t have any more budget for more resources? Well there is a decision to be made between an on-time application or a high quality application—you can’t have both.

A familiar conversation? This is the Software Quality Conundrum!

Ignoring the issues surrounding software quality won’t make it go away. Understanding corporate attitudes and distinct advantages to getting software quality right and the problems that can arise if things go wrong, is an important first step in the right direction, and to help you on this journey, read our “5 Reasons Why Ignoring Software Quality Could Be Your Downfall”. [This link has expired. Please get in touch to request a pdf version]

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