John Brandon 10 predictions for the CIO in 2020

I came across this very interesting article, written by John Brandon,

It’s about what the CIO can expect in their job function over the next eight years. The writer emphasizes that certain roles will dramatically change, such as: business planning, cyber security, robot management and the cloud.

He also states that this information was collected directly from industry leaders, analysts, and CIOs themselves to discover the challenges that lay ahead.

The ten headings below are the predictions that Brandon makes of what life will be like for a CIO by 2020, but I would encourage you to click to read this article from its source,

1. Microsoft’s reign may end.
2. The IT department won’t be physical.
3. Hyperkinetic business collaboration will occur in the cloud.
4. CIOs will manage fewer humans, especially for security.
5. End-users will not be in departmental groups.
6. Cyber warfare will turn the CIO into a general.
7. BYOD will be the norm.
8. Outsourcing will use AI.
9. CIOs will impact business direction.
10. Analytics will be increasingly important.

John Brandon is a former IT manager at a Fortune 100 company who now writes about technology. He has written more than 2,500 articles in the past 10 years. You can follow him on Twitter @jmbrandonbb.

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