Arcadia Paves the Way for Supply Chain Replacement with Original Software

4th August 2014: Quality enabled rapid change will bring more speed to Arcadia's QA and testing function. Read the story.

QA Necessary Evil

Given the mission critical role they play, it's odd that testing and QA are perceived in some quarters as little more than a necessary evil. Do you agree? Read the Software Testing News article.

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Co-op Test 50% More

When Midcounties Co-operative decided to upgrade its payroll system, it took the opportunity to move from a waterfall to an agile methodology. Learn how they managed the testing element? Read the ComputerWeekly article. logo

Hyperconnected Storm

For retailers, the hyperconnected marketplace can be a force that elevates them above the competition or dashes them to pieces on the shore. How will you survive the storm? Read more.

Hyper-connected devices

Customer Case Studies

  • Marston’s Case Study
  • Wales And West Case Study
  • Euronet Case Study
  • VIP Case Study
  • Royal Bank Of Scotland Case Study
  • HMV Case Study
  • Macmillan Cancer Trust Case Study
  • Pfizer Case Study
  • Skandia Case Study

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